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Tim Williams & Tar
1997 Master National Qualifier

Cliff Romain & Ruby

bucky.jpg (7214 bytes)
HRCH Carter's Bucky Beaux, SH
Owner:  Cary Carter

Carl Zimmerman & Striker

Cary Carter & Bucky

davbj.jpg (4063 bytes)
David Risinger & BJ

christmas.jpg (9110 bytes)
Ginger & Amber
Owner:  Judy Smith

melinda.jpg (9193 bytes)
Melinda Wright & Patty

abrell.jpg (8488 bytes)
Songdog Flatcoat Puppies
Brian & Katie Abrell, owners

cliff.jpg (6760 bytes)
Cliff Romain & Ruby

Larry.jpg (4996 bytes)
Larry Larson & Kodie

HR Sunny Dawn Gold Strike
Owner:  Carl Zimmerman

Brian Kent & Ozzy

Copy of Bill.jpg (6598 bytes)

Bill Moses &
Midas' Riverwoods

Grizz L'Bear, CD, MH, WC
Owners:  Judy & Cal Smith

Gary Hext & Kody

kody.jpg (5473 bytes)

HRCH Wolfgang's Kodiak Jack, SH
Owner:  Gary Hext

Hunters Marsh Gotta-Get-Em
Owner:  Kim Moses

Hunters Marsh Special Tea, MH
Owner:  Kim Moses

ddd2.jpg (10646 bytes)
Amber, Ginger, & Grizz
Owner:  Judy Smith
Central Kentucky Retriever Club - April 3-5, 1998

All three earned back-to-back Master Hunter qualifications,
and Amber earned Master title!

Gretchen, Katy, & Kody
Owners:  Gary & Mary Hext

David Risinger
HRCH Hunters River Chena Annie

drisinger.jpg (9664 bytes)
Dave Risinger & BJ

Melinda Wright
Melinda Wright & Booze

Owner:  Melinda Wright


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